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Success & Prosperity

Embody your elegant leadership

Magnetize your soul-fam community

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Quantum leap your revenue

Scale with that witchy magic of yours


You wake up to a spacious, slow morning. The coffee is brewing and a feeling of deep contentment and fulfillment washes over you. You’re looking forward to the day of service ahead. You’ve got a full roster of dream clients. Your email is flooded with notifications of sales that came in overnight. Your bank account reflects a number that once was only the whisper of a dream. It’s all so damn spacious. In your DMs, message after message reflects the massive impact you are creating. Your clients are so grateful for your love, your care, and your leadership.

Your heart is full. 

Your bank account is full. 

Your spirit is full.

Building your business and making money is a fluid extension of your creativity and artistry. 

Building your business and making money is a fluid extension of your creativity and artistry. Inspiration flows daily, and your self-expression is on fire. Your channel is open, and you are tapped into your soul’s calling— sharing the depths of your wisdom on a stage that you created. You are the source of the magic, expanding every day, in the sacred dance of accelerated action.

One Word:


This is your future.  is already you.

Do you trust yourself enough to go all in on you?

Do you believe in this grand vision of your success?

Babe, If you can’t, who will?

In order to be brave, you must face fear.

In order to prosper, you must face scarcity.

In order to be your biggest self, you must break out of the shell of smallness.

Experience the soul nectar honey of 


I know the pain of when business doesn’t seem to click…

Creatrix Academy is the launch accelerator of a lifetime.

Every single woman in class will be launching a mid to high-ticket program within the 6-month container. It’s dynamic, adventurous, and requires the big self to shine through. Your business will never be the same again, and neither will you.

The journey is also multi-dimensional and high-touch, with a foundation in frequency-first business and the spiritual tools you need to thrive & prosper. It’s where the spiritual and the practical come to play together. You’ll develop the tactical skills of taking client calls, creating contracts, managing payments and setting up your course. You’ll receive in-depth sales strategy training, learn marketing and branding, and develop confidence in your Signature Process and ability to fill your programs. Each step you take in your business will be grounded in deep the inner-work of partnering with the divine to bring your program and your mission to life.

To take this group journey is to step into a vortex. Creatrix Academy is a rigorous learning environment. You will be deeply held through each step of the process by incredible, world-class coaches and mentors. You’ll be supported and cheered on by a group of sisters who will become life-long friends and colleagues. And you’ll be asked to show up for yourself and your vision in a way you never have before. The manifestation field we create is momentous, magical, and expansive…

This is what’s possible in Creatrix Academy.

Creatrix Academy is for you if...

This is all possible when you strip away any doubt or fear that keeps you playing a small game and choose to go all-in on yourself.

You say yes to your inner Creatrix, and commit to yourself like you never have before. You know that accelerated success comes from accepting the support from experienced coaches who know the process, and who will hold your hand through both the darkest and brightest moments of this journey. You are safe to stretch beyond what you think you can do here. We’ve got you.

Say it with me,


Your Creatrix is Calling You Forth.

The deep yearning you feel to create, deserves your devotion.

Committing to this journey, this idea, and this business is you saying YES to your spiritual initiation.

This program is about so much more than a 5-figure+ launch…it’s about taking action on your soul purpose and watching your vision come to life.

As a coach, I’m here to teach you the tools and strategies I used to have over 30 successful online launches.

But even more than that, I’m here to help you drop into your feminine intuition, stretch yourself beyond what you thought you could do, and come into your power. I’m honored to be your guide not only in business and prosperity, but in your spiritual initiation. This path will be dark and scary at times, but it’s beautiful and real too. From one lightworker to another— it’s time to take a risk on yourself. Time to believe in something so much bigger than you. Time to go for the goal that will set you up financially and change the trajectory of your future.

Creatrix Academy is the program where I give you EVERYTHING.

I mean it babe, the entire Creatrix Launch Model and of the systems, strategies, and templates I used to grow my business from $0 to $750,000/year. I use all organic traffic, a simple business model, and being in the highest expression of my soul’s purpose. You’ll receive the whole damn thang. A formula that you can rinse, wash, and repeat for years to come, so that you can eliminate the guesswork and make the kind of money that will change your life.

Because the truth is, the YOU that’s out there hitting $10k, $20k, and even $100k cash months is already inside of you. And she’s ready to come out to play. All you need to do is take the leap, believe this is possible, and say yes to the future of your wildest dreams.

Creatrix Academy is a perfect blend of

Why I’m passionate about leading this course…

I created Creatrix Academy because it was the program I wanted to see in this industry. It was the program I always wanted in my beginning, tender years. Real strategy, tested methods, boss-ass marketing blueprints, all with the feminine heart in mind. The frequency-first spiritual approach is what has worked for me in business, so that’s how I lead.

From the outside, you might see that I’ve had a thriving business for 8 years, have the multi 6-figure dream business, published 6 bestselling books, and write for Entrepreneur Magazine. You may have seen me as the repeated successful launch queen with over 30 back-to-back successful online launches and many thousands of women learning from me each year.

What you don’t see from the outside, however, is how many times I’ve “failed” and landed on my ass in business. What you don’t see is how many stacks of notebooks I have in my closet from my daily journaling practice with affirmations, prayers, and creating self-fulfilling prophecies. What you don’t see on the outside is the woman with grit and daily tenacity that stopped for absolutely f*cking nothing.

This is what I am here to awaken in you, the woman that won’t stop for anything. She clicks into that field of momentum and rides it to the moon. Queen, give me 6 months of your life, and I’ll give you an entirely new future.

My art is in keeping the process as simple as possible when I teach. It’s distilled in the short path because I took the long path for you. Timeline hop while standing on my shoulders babe, I got you.

My team and I created this program so that women like you can feel deeply held, supported, and empowered in the times when they feel challenged and tested. My gift to you is far more than my knowledge of business, it’s the deep and unwavering belief I give to my clients.

I believe in you.


Why Academy has such a high success rate…

My clients have some of the highest success rates in the industry for one very distinct reason… I’m a coach with HEART. I care deeply about your results, and give everything I have to the people I serve. I know the impact it will have when the lightworkers of our planet are supported and living their purpose, and it’s my personal mission to guide as many women as possible to rise up and claim their power, healing gifts, and birthright to prosperity.

We have worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs, and have helped launch countless 6-figure businesses. Over the years, I’ve made my clients millions, because I love to see women rise up and be the bosses of the world.

About the Team...





The magic of this program is in the container that’s created when my gifts mesh with those of my incredible team – as well as the committed and heart-centered women who are attracted to this group.

In Creatrix Academy, you’ll be held not only by me, but also by a group of highly trained and talented coaches. These women have successful established businesses of their own and are among the most powerful healers, coaches, and psychics in the world. They will support you with hands-on coaching and accountability, and they’ll share their own knowledge and experience of launches and beyond.

I’ve brought in several of the most successful graduates of Creatrix as guest speakers and experts. And you’ll have mastermind sessions with your fellow group-members to help keep you connected and on-track between sessions and calls. When this group of intelligent and intuitive women comes together, we create a kind of synergy and manifestation power like nothing you’ve ever experienced. And we can’t wait to share it with you!


Modules of the Course

Class Begins August 16th. Live class is every Tuesday at 7am HI// 10am PT// 1pm ET.

Creatrix Systems & Structures

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Creatrix Systems and Structures

Learn how to set up the foundation of success for your business and utilize tools like : payment portal, client onboarding, contracts, sales page development, email marketing, and overall organization and systemizing your business.

Upgrading Your Signature Process + Case Studies

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Upgrading Your Signature Process + Case Studies

Develop a Signature Process that has the “compelling-magnetic-waitlist” kinda vibe. Learn how to fine tune your offer to meet market needs.

Advanced Slow Sales Process

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Advanced Slow Sales Process

Rewrite the story about who you are as a sales woman and claim your ability to be a rockstar sales closer using our templates, guides, and strategies for success.

Creative Lead Generation + Marketing

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Creative Lead Generation + Marketing

Learn Jolie Dawn’s signature method for cracking the code on your lead generation to have a consistent flow of high quality leads in your business. Step into client attraction with aliveness and creativity, by working with your natural rhythm and energy.

Sales Mastery + Overcoming Rejection

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Sales Mastery + Overcoming Rejection

Increase your conversions by becoming fluent in the energetic dance of sales, contextual mastery, and understanding objections as doors to transformation. Learn advanced strategies like “assuming the sale”, handling all objections, overcoming fear and doubt, and turning up the dial on qualified leads.

Marketing Communication + Storytelling

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Marketing Communication + Storytelling

Learn to tell your story in a way that opens possibility in others, increasing your credibility and helping your audience to connect to your service as the ultimate solution to their problems. Become masterful and consistent with Facebook and Instagram content creation.

Effective Facilitation + Creating Content For Your Course

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Effective Facilitation + Creating Content For Your Course

Discover new depths of your leadership by learning advanced techniques of coaching, group facilitation, creative exercises, developing compelling content, and how to create a dynamic learning environment for your students.

Launch Your Offer

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Launch Your Offer

Creatrix Academy is a launch accelerator class, meaning every woman in class is actively working on a launch. You will be supported through your lead generation + launching your offer with real time strategy and support from Jolie, the Academy team, and your small group members.

What's Included?

When does class begin?

2023 Dates TBA

See you in Maui, Hawaii
October 6-10, 2022

We have reserved a complete buyout of one of North America’s most exclusive retreat centers.

Picture Hawaiian luxury meets Balinese Zen. We’re going to pamper you like the Creatrix Queen that you are. High vibe food, spacious afternoons for sister connection, engaging learning sessions, elixirs by the infinity pool, quiet and private sleeping bungalows, dance parties, and so much more Maui magic.

Space is limited to the first 35 women who join Creatrix Academy. Private rooms are available with a small upgrade fee. Standard rooms are shared with 1 other woman, with separate beds. Retreat center is 15 minutes from the Maui Kahului Airport and 5 minutes to Paia.

Interested in exploring if Creatrix Academy is a fit for you, and to learn about the investment?

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